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Cy fact

Despite his achievements he never stop hustling, ask him why . He’ll say “ success is not measured by what

Ajiboro Cyril Madukah (born 12 – 02 – 1992) Popularly Known As his stage name C Y, He comes from a large family and is the Only Male Child of The Famliy, Cy is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and actor and a movie producer. originated from imo state , Born in Lagos State. He started recording music at age 15 and managed to release a collaborative track with one of the Ace Nigeria SuperStar “Oritse Femi. Also with the Fuji legendary ambassador alhaji “ abass akande obesese” pk 1st.

Moreover, in 2017, Cy collaborated with Oritse Femi and Obesere prior to rising to stardom. Cy became a household name